Certified Examiners

Meet the Certified Examiners. These examiners are appointed by their respective vACC Training Directors. They are the ones who are certified to examine any CPTs within their own vACC and up to their stated certification below. Each Examiners has worked hard to acquire their respective Controller Ratings of C1/C3, their vast experience in the network has allowed them to ensure standards are met before passing the student for their ratings.

Angelo Lee

Hong Kong Training Director | ACCHKG3

Tony Siu

S3 Certified

Angelo Lee

S3 Certified

Jonathan Handoyo

Indonesia Training Director | ACCIDN3

Prestley Shim

Malaysia Training Director | ACCMYS3

Stevie Trin

S3 Certified

Sulaiyman Fauzi

S2 Certified

Emilio Perez

Philippines Training Director | ACCPHL3

Michael Uy

S3 Certified

Isaac Tan

Singapore Training Director | ACCSGP3

Hoo Jiong Sheng

Acting Director | ACCTHA1

Truong Duc Duy An

VCL Training Director | ACCVCL3

Nguyen Minh Hai

S3 Certified