Join the ASEA FSS Team

Thinking about joining the team of controllers who are bold to take on the entire ASEA FSS? Looking to join the team of dedicated controllers? Look no further!

Ensure you read up on the Airspace Coverage as well as the Team Requirements before applying below. Best of Luck!

Airspace Coverage

Flight Level: FL245 to Unlimited

  • Yangon | VYYY

  • Bangkok | VTBB

  • Ho Chi Minh | VVHM

  • Hanoi | VVHN

  • Phnom Penh | VDPP

  • Vientiane | VLVT

  • Hong Kong | VHHK

  • Manila | RPHI

  • Ujung Pandang | WAAF

  • Jakarta | WIIF

  • Singapore | WSJC

  • Kuala Lumpur | WMFC

  • Kota Kinabalu | WBFC

Team Requirements

A minimum rating of Controller (C1) is required.

Divisional Controllers must attain a minimum of 150 hours on a single CTR facility in one of our active vACCs in VATSEA. The hours must be gained with a C1 rating or higher. (Refer to the Recognised Facilities List below)

 Recognised Facilities List

  • Singapore [WSJC_CTR]
  • Malaysia [WMFC_CTR]
  • Indonesia [WIIF_CTR]
  • Philippines [RPHI_CTR]
  • Vietnam [VVHM_CTR]
  • Hong Kong [HKG_CTR]
  • Thailand [VTBB_CTR] **Temporary not eligible due to vACC marked unofficial.**

Additional Note:

  1. VYYF, WBFC, WAAF, VVVV, VDPP & VLVT FIRs are not included in the list due to the inadequacy of traffic for evaluation.
  2. Applicants are not allowed to combine 2 FIR hours from any of the listed FIRs.

Visiting Controllers

  • You may apply for ASEA FSS if you are an Active Controller in any other FSSS Department without following the requirement of the Recognised Facilities aforementioned. Although, you are required to complete at least 50 hours on a single FSS to ensure adequate experience. 


  • An evaluation will be conducted to ensure that all ASEA FSS Controllers are up to standard in managing all traffic in our airspace without external assistance. After a successful evaluation, your ASEA Controller endorsement will be approved and reflected on the ASEA FSS page. 

Application Form

If you think you met all the requirements stated above, give the application a shot! Best of Luck!

Application Status: CLOSED
Application is suspended due to backlog of applicants.